Friday, August 19, 2016

Balls in the air!

We have been busy transitioning from overnight camp to family camp to back-to-school all while squeezing in two precious birthday parties and  as mama gears up to start a new law office (way more on that later).   You could say that we have a balls in the air, figuratively and literally.    I am in party craft mode once again and this time it is for me! Here is a hint of what we are working on:

Yup in less that 40 days, I am going to be 40!
I plan to love it and embrace it and play with my friends.  Game on! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

And Now for Something Completely Different....

If you got the reference in my title, thank you for being a nerd like me!  If you didn't that's okay, too. It is just today that I want to write about something new.
I have a running SNL style parody-commercial for middle school in my head!

Monday night I sat in my daughter's room as she cried, afraid of what middle school might bring. I talked to her about how the unknown is hard.  How you must take a deep breath and put one foot in front of the other and just move forward.  In that sense, it isn't so bad.  Once you are in motion, you'll keep going.  What I didn't say is that while the unknown is scary, it isn't as bad as what I know is ahead.  

There is going to be a group that she doesn't fit into.  There is going to be a group that fits just right but still has its own little dramas.  There will be hormones that make her cry when nothing is wrong and  massive piles of clothes on the floor on days when she has "nothing to wear."  There will be pimples on her sweet baby face and braces on her teeth.  There will be an unrequited crush (or two). There will be a test that our A-student tanks and then a moment where she has to decide to lie about it or be honest. There will be a party that she isn't invited to and a concert that I won't allow though the other parents say it is okay.   Social media will hurt her feelings because of something she sees there or because I don't allow her to have it.  There will be pressures old and new to do and try things that she shouldn't.  Friendships will change and the lunchroom pecking order will suck no matter where you sit.   I don't know what, but something embarrassing will happen that she will remember forever. These are. the. facts.

I wish I had a good paragraph to write here about how I am going to love her through it or how I have an amazing plan that will bring my baby through this unscathed, confidence in tact.  I wish I could send her back to elementary school where she was loved and well-cared for with me just six houses away.  I wish I could fast forward the bad parts and promise her bestie will always be her bestie forever.  But it is all unknown to me.  So I am just going to take a deep breath and put one foot in front of the other.   Once we are in motion, we'll keep going.....

Friday, August 12, 2016

Kids take over the Blog: Fashion Edition

Hi, I'm Naomi!
Here is something I have been working on today!

On Tuesday, I am starting middle school for the first time ever!!!!   I was really nervous about what friends I would have in my classes and what would everybody wear.  Since I was so nervous, my mom and grandma took me out shopping.  We got tons of new tops and a few new bottoms as well as a new pair of shoes. Today, I decided I was going to make my first day of school outfit, but when I got to my room I remembered how much stuff  I got-- So much I decided to make more than one outfit. In fact, I made enough for the whole week.  I used some of my old clothes.  When I was done making the outfits, I still did not know what day I should where each one.  I made signs with days of a school week.  Then I assigned an each outfit for each day and put them in order. I was all set until I remembered a project I did with my parents before kindergarten to help with my nerves. Our pres-school teachers gave us hearts and our parents wrote their names on them along with positive notes.  Then our teachers turned them into necklaces to wear the first week of kindergarten,  This gave me an idea!  In every outfit I put a sticky note.  I had my parents sign the note to put in my  pocket to remind me they were supporting me-- one for every day of the week!

On tuesday (aka the first day of school), I am wearing a coral cold shoulder with jean shorts and a necklace with sailor sandals

On wednesday, I am wearing a gray shirt with ruffles at the bottom, navy shorts, a leaf necklace, and my silver Birkenstocks.  
On Thursday, I am wearing a white t-shirt with cut-outs, a purple athletic skirt from Ivivva and  my new tennis shoes. On Friday, I am wearing a teal shirt with pom poms, cut-offs with lace detail and my tennis shoes.  
Finally, the next Monday, I am wearing  patterned shorts, a blue split front top and booties.
 Now I am ready to start middle school!