Our First House: 2007 Traditional

Once upon a time we lived in a beautiful Tudor on a gated, tree-lined street. It was lovely and traditional. I thought I would never leave. The best laid plans, right?

Here is the entryway, on the left was a sunken living room and on the right was a formal dining. The dinning room had a swinging door to the kitchen--that little detail made me fall in love with the house and later know it was time to go when it swung right into my baby's sweet face. Notice the TV Armoire: It was Baker and so expensive for us at the time, but we said, "we will always need this!" We didn't realize that three years later televisions would be flat things hanging on a wall.

Here is another view of the living room.

A bright and sunny office with his and hers desk was right off the living room.

Here is the kitchen in all its red glory! Vern Yip told me to paint it red in 2002 (via the tele).

Our master bedroom and bath.

The guest room (not sure why I don't have a picture of its bath, but the people who live there probably don't want me to photograph it now)

Finally, two sweet nurseries and a basement playroom. Because of these rooms this house will always be special to me!

The pictures are beginning to look dated, but its hard to think we have been living in our current house for 9 years already since this place still feels like home!

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