Monday, February 15, 2010

The Giving Tree

In my last post I mentioned that I recycled Annabelle's second birthday party centerpiece into part of our holiday decor, and said that I didn't like to use the same stuff twice. I was wrong, I do like to use stuff again and again. We used the sticks yet again for our Valentine tree. We painted them white, "planted" them crushed up pink and red construction paper, and tied on hearts with the names of our loved ones on them (I am so proud because our pre-K student, Naomi, wrote most of the names). So to recap, Naomi and I picked up the sticks in the yard, tied them together with floral wire, spray-painted them green to make both the very hungry caterpillar centerpiece and our holiday decor and then painted them white for Valentine's Day. ...... And we aren't finished yet!!!! Look for these sticks to be reused once again in Annabelle's big girl room ala' PBKids, who gave me an idea in their catalog!

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