Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Forever Home

I haven't written in a very long time; I do hope to actually use this blog one day to document my children's growth, our birthday parties, clever crafts, and recipes we love!

Today, though, I feel compelled to write about something more serious. I was (and still am to a small degree) an attorney for abused and neglected children. The easiest way to explain it is that I represent the children's best interest in the state's custody case against their parents. In the best cases, the parents are able to turn their lives around, learn better skills, and regain custody of their children. It is happy moment to return children to their biological parents, who have truly done the work to repair their family. Sometimes, this doesn't happen and a relative comes forward to care for the child. In still other cases, a parent can't or won't do what is needed to get the child back. The extended family is too damaged or over-burdened to take the children. This leaves children caught in foster care, sometimes for years on end. But there is an answer....

I have been witness to the creation or completion of nearly a hundred families through adoption. Though it is probably highly unprofessional, I have cried every last time. The power of the moment is just too great to ignore. Though I am the first to say that there should always be separation between Church and State, I'll also tell you of the feeling of holiness in the courtroom. It is undeniably a miraculous moment a Judge bangs the gavel and announces that a child who once had none, now has a family forever.

I know that adoption, especially of an older child, is not the right choice for everyone. In fact, it has not been the choice for me. I think I would lose all objectivity and not be able to fairly serve the children whom I represent. But I do want to shout from the rooftops how many children need families. Can you imagine that? Needing a family? I'm not talking about children in far-off lands, but children right here in your backyard. If you feel like you need family too- or an angel sent to complete your family, go to and see if your child is waiting for you! I'll leave you with a quote from my favorite crinkled, old poster, "I wasn't there for her first steps, but I'll be there to walk her down the aisle."

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