Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pinterest is My Friend-terest!

In 2011, I used a new tool (aka: my new bestie), Pinterest, to make my peacock party even pluckier. If you aren't using Pinteret, you totally should. Here is why: it is a great time-saver for planning. I admit, it can also be a fun time-suck...But once you really get down to planning it can save you time and money. I used it to pull together my old favorite ideas (fricco cups, tuna tartare on wonton squares, hot dates, tenderloin, and latkes) all in one place. My recipes were right at hand and I could see how they all looked together on a virtual buffet. Then, I saw what was missing and asked a few new friends to the party (peanut butter pretzel balls and mini-parfaits anyone?). I knew up front that they would go well and look great together because I could actually see it. Same for my beloved peacocks--I have always loved them but now they live in glittered branches. Glittered. People. I love pinterest so much that I have to decide what to give it for Valentine's Day next month. Bet I know where I can get some ideas!

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