Friday, November 16, 2012

Keep Calm at Thanksgiving

I know the whole keep calm thing is over-done. But I created an activity book to keep my kids calm at the table, so you can see why I literally had to do it, right??! I cannot take even one bit of credit for the content of the booklet, which came from various free internet sights (credit given on my scribd page). But I wanted to share in case you needed a little something for your table too. I cannot get the link to work, but here it is on scribd: I also made a little craft paper pocket for crayons for each child using my cutting machine and our existing crayons (I am FINALLY over needing them to be perfectly sharpened). The pockets would be really simple to cut by hand if you were so inclined. You can probably guess by the twine and craft that I am keeping it homey and rustic for Thanksgiving. We will be getting glam for my annual Peacocktail Party next month. By the way, I am noticing peacocks all over town, has my theme flown the coup???

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