Thursday, June 18, 2015

Wait No-More Updates and a Free Cart Make-over

We have been working in the girls' office/art room all week (both organizing it for the wait-no-more challenge I wrote about here and simultaneously doing art and messing it up)! I hope to show some totally cleaned up pics soon. In the meantime here are the items I purchased to help the room get it's groove back:

One of my problems was a lack of filing space. My husband has all of our financial and house maintenance files organized into a eerily precise fashion in his man-cave of an office (seriously he should host a blog about it). In my space, I just maintain our girls' school/activities/medical records and, of course, whatever I am working on at the moment. I realized that need to hand over a few "house" files that really belonged in Mr. 31-derful's system, create archive files for the girls, and make one inbox for immediate attention items. Once, I really thought about it, I actually just needed a wee bit more space. Enter this Nate Berkus beauty.

I also identified the need for a charging station. I investigated lots of options but realized that I actually had an old mail center that would work well if I just had a multi-plug charger, so I picked up this:

My husband simply drilled a hole in the back of the old mailing center and VoilĂ  we had a charging station!

Finally, I realized I needed one more little cart to house the above items. I considered buying something new to accompany my white and glass furniture. I normally love to have clean lines and neutral colors in there due to the art materials being so busy, but you may recall I had a sad little cart that was giving me heartburn, from this story.

I disassembled it and covered the wheels with aluminum foil (a great tip for a quick paint job):

I knew I would make the legs gold to match some accessories in the room and that I needed to paint the shelves too as they were off-white. Then, I shocked myself and did something I never, ever do. I let my kids pick the colors from our stash and they helped me spray the shelves! The cart was a free item that my neighbor gave me in the first place, so I wasn't too worried. The paint job isn't perfect, but they did a great job.

I think the results are adorable. Here is the little cart in action with the new charging station, girls' archives, and a laminator that had no proper home prior to this little make-over!

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