Saturday, December 8, 2012

Did I "mensch-on" they'd be doing good deeds???

Several little people found their mensches having a little fun and doing mitzvot (good deeds). The C's mensch set a super-cute table with a sign that reads, "A Mensch Sets the Table." I am not sure that it is really a mitzvah, but you are supposed to honor your mother and father. I think it is under the penumbra of that (oh yeah, I got all lawyerly). My girls will get the same treatment tomorrow!

Today, my mom and I had to make a gross of latkes to freeze for next weekend as well as the ones for tonight. Wouldn't you know it, we found the mensch in an apron with all the supplies needed to start the first batch!! He even bookmarked the latkes recipe n my favorite Jewish cookbook with a little note that said, "Mensches Help Mommy." Photos are below, and you can also see that a most interesting little mensch joined the party today!!!

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