Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mensch Madness Continues!

As I am starting to get nervous about my big grown-up party this Saturday (at which time all the menschy-goodness must be stowed away), the mensch party continues over here (and elsewhere)! Our mensch left a little note reminding the kids to be a mensch when they leave the house each morning. This advances my theme that began with being a mensch at home (helping me, setting the table, enjoying little things together). Now, we plan to progress to discussions of being a mensch in the world. Two service projects are up next....

The C's came up with a plan that celebrates family. Their mensch, along with many pals, is looking at photos and studying genealogy. I LOVE this idea!!!

I am off to plan my champagne bar and bloody mary shots. Wonder what the mensch would think of that?!

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