Thursday, March 12, 2015

Presto Change-o

When Mr. 31-derful and I were a young couple we loved Trading Spaces. Oh, what Vern and Laurie could do with $1,000 and 48 hours!! We dreamed of being on the show (or having a luxurious 1,000 dollars to devote to a room for that matter). Fast forward 15 years and three houses later and I can't even count the reasons why I would not want a Trading Spaces style make-over. The one thing that I would like to do is blink my eyes and have a space magically transformed in minutes. That almost happened for me this week (this crazy week when I am co-chairing teacher appreciation conference meals, this week when the baby was in the ER with strep, this week when we are packing for Spring Break, this week when I am helping design a bat mitzvah).

Two weeks ago my husband mentioned that he wanted our room re-done. To be honest, I thought it was pretty great before. Coming from our house of many colors, I made this house very neutral when we arrived. The bedroom was calm and serene. I wish I had good pictures of it before. I don't because impossibly somehow within a few days of my husbands' suggestion, I had selected wallpaper and called a painter. He as able to color-match the paper sample and start right away. Literally right away, so this is what I got with my phone moments before he arrived:

Even more miraculously, the new Thibaut paper came in really, really fast and the hanger was available due to another job's long awaited paper not arriving. So presto-change-o here is my room in Spring's new "it" color of indigo:-

It happened so quickly it is almost like a surprise to me (albeit a good one). I still have to accessorize (and let my eyes adjust to the print), but I think I love it! I will take better pictures when all the accessories are in and the minis are back in school!

No Minimalist Here

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