Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What's pink, polka dotted, striped and sweet all over?

This post is timely because it involves a lot discounted after Easter Candy.

As I continue my journey through our family's digital photos, I am looking back at my big girl's 5th birthday party. If you recall, my girls both had some pretty crazy parties in the past, and I wanted to do something old-fashioned and sweet for N's fifth. I invited guests for an afternoon of sweets and sweat (okay, the sweat was unintentional--but it was really hot). Because it was meant to be old-timey, I used classic stripes, dots, damask, and bracket lables.

I lined our walkway with custom-large lollipops tied with bows in her signature patterns (made from paper plates, tissue, cellophane and dowels). This lead to the welcome drink table (I made the drink umbrellas with papers in her patterns, of course):

From there, kids were free to explore the craft tent:

We made paper pinwheels and decorated take-out boxes that would be used for favors later on. We also had classic party games including a bean-bag toss and musical chairs:

A fair amount of kids just ran around and played while Mr. 31-derful manned the cotton-candy station:

Anyone was welcome to play inside too or cool down with a slice of watermelon:

Soon it was time for cake and the kids were ushered into our dinning room, where we served cupcakes, awarded prizes for the games, and the kids "shopped" for sweets:

The trick was that I bought everything right after Easter when it was carried in pastel colors and when it was on super, duper sale! I had a new silhouette machine (oddly, I just upgraded it this week) and I was so excited to cut everything!

It was so sweet and so fun!

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