Monday, August 3, 2015

Real Kid Product Review: Balloon Bonanza

Today we are back with my oldest daughter N (who just turned ten and had a fabulous foam party--plenty of pics to come).

If you're wondering how Balloon Bonanza works, I will tell you. Balloon bonanza allows you to blow up 40 balloons at once, and you don't even have to seal them. You get three bunches of balloons with 40 balloons each. So that's 120 balloons!!

The cool thing was that you could fill a large number of ballons at one time, which was a big time-saver. However, you have to use the balloons within 10 minutes, and the seal does not work too well. Just a slight squeeze will break the seal. They didn't fill up with enough water either. The item was 10 dollars, which is a little expensive for the balloons that don't work.

The balloon fight was fun, but I wouldn't buy this product again.

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