Wednesday, July 29, 2015

8 year old guest blogger and Ninja Dolls!

As you may know I have been struggling with balancing blogging along with my new work schedule and family time (plus summer is just kicking my tush)! Today, I am making blogging into a little family project. A is here to show you how to make Ninja Dolls. She has made a whole family of these little dolls this summer, and they are as fun to make as they are to play with. Without further adieu, here she is:

Hi, I am happy to be here today. To make the Ninjas, gather your materials. You will need a wooden bead, a marker, some regular beads, 3 pipe cleaners and straws cut into eight pieces (four should be slightly longer):

Begin by taking two pipe cleaners and crossing them in an "x." Then, begin twisting those over each other like this:

Now take another pipe cleaner (mine is purple), fold it over the center of the twisted cleaners to form the stomach--twist it right above the swirl of the other pipe cleaners:

Now draw a face on your wooden bead with your marker:

Then slide four regular beads on the arms and legs:

Ten slide the shorter straw pieces on the arms and legs:

Next slide a bead on each arm and leg to form elbows and knees:

Bend the pipe cleaners to form feet and hands:

Now you are ready to slide on the head:

Style your hair as you choose. I did mine by bending mine backwards :

And your Ninja is finished and ready to play!

I had fun blogging with you!

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