Thursday, July 23, 2015

Kind of a Big Deal!

I have an acquaintance who is a crafter and blogger just like me. Except for she isn't just like me because she's kind of a big deal!

Several years ago she created one of her many crafts (just like me), people started asking about her crafts (just like what often happens to me), and she started selling them (like I always mean to do). And that is where our roads diverge. She started selling this craft (a party supply) like hot cakes. They started appearing in magazine styling. Queen Martha even took notice. Celebrities began styling events using her crafts. West Elm and Pottery Barn sell her craft (which is now handmade in a studio she oversees using a patented process). See, she is kind of a big deal!

To top it all off, her crafts are now on the cover of a major magazine--not as an accessory, but as the main event. She is throwing herself a launch party that I suspect will be fabulous!! I never in a million years would have thought I'd be invited (as I said, we are acquaintances more than friends, though I do adore her). One of our mutual friends mentioned the party to me. Side note: I get my feelings hurt all the time over not being invited places, but truly didn't think twice about not being on this guest list (other than I knew it would be an awesome shindig). My friend, however, must have thought my feelings were hurt. She arranged an invitation for me. I was so embarrassed when the invite arrived. I was not sure if it would be better or worse to decline a pity invitation! I have decided to go, but actually had other plans, so I am just popping in.

I am actually thrilled to celebrate my big deal "acquaintance-friend"! I am taking her this fun little gift that I made using my silhouette on a frame from my beloved Homegoods. She is a big deal, but she is still a crafter at heart just like little ole me, and I think she will love it!

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