Saturday, July 11, 2015

Surf's Up (and a Disclaimer)

If you are my friend IRL, here is an important disclaimer: When A was at camp, she had the option of staying past her birthday. When she opted to come home after a week, I frantically hand-delivered invitations. I accidentally missed someone--a friend who was already hurt that her child was excluded by others. It was not intentional in our case. I want to apologize, but I also don't want to open a wound if you are blissfully unaware. If you see this, you will know who you are. Please know that I am so, so sorry. Here is an invitation you would have gotten if I weren't a fool:

Other than the oops above, my sweet baby just had the easiest birthday party ever! You may recall that she wanted an Oregon Trail theme. For the first time ever, I was truly stumped. As I pondered what one earth I could do, inspiration struck. When Teen Beach Movie came out two years ago, Sweet Baby girl A became obsessed with surfing. I knew that by her birthday the new Teen Beach Movie Two would be out and that would possibly renew her interest in surfing. So, I called a local fitness facility that offers Surf-Set (google it-- it is amaze-balls). I tentatively asked if they would do a kid party. To my surprise not only do they do it, they do it well, with all the cute little details that I normally do myself. All I had to do was make invitations, deliver them (sort of a failed at that) and show up.

Here are the adorable party details. Note the handmade banner and water station to hydrate after the workout!
They even made chose Applesauce in color theme and put in in a cute jar:
Can you believe they get these cupcakes from the local grocer?!

First up, was the girls' surf lesson:

Next were crafts--- they made surf ninjas and beach bracelets:

Dinner was served as a beach blanket picnic (obvi):

After the dinner, it was back to the boards, where baby got to wear the mic and direct the class:

They truly thought of everything right up until the moment we left with these awesome gift bags:

She wants to do it again next year (but then again, maybe we will hit the Oregon Trail)!

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