Wednesday, June 8, 2016

My 2008 Dream Kitchen (that I still like in 2016)!

I am so exited to link up with Kelly's Korner, who has resurrected her home tour.  I had a brand spanking new house when she first did the home tour, but I never participated because I didn't really blog then.  I am so happy she brought it back....I can play along and see how all the other homes have evolved!

We custom built our home in 2008.   After living in a formal old Tutor, this open-concept, modern home was everything I wanted in that year!  I started out with very clean-lined barstools and kitchen chairs selected just for this sleek house.   You can those here;  I just started softening up our lines with new chairs in 2016.  I have few more minor changes on the horizon.  You can see the kitchen is really just a part of  our main living area:

I did initially hope to get a Sub-Zero fridge and a Viking stove, but quickly found out that I was not in that "range."  I got mostly Kitchenaid appliances, which have been great! We also use a Samsung Microwave Drawer and Miele Dishwasher, which have been equally good.

Built to my specifications , the kitchen has double-stacked, frameless cabinets to house my oversized collection of platters and serving pieces.

I put in a big double sink and picked granite that I still adore.  I selected long brushed nickel handles that were the new rage at the time and spent hours with the cabinet maker to get a just right color to warm-up for the clean-lined shaker cabinets.  Below  you can see the nuts that are ever-present on our countertop (except for when my sweet niece with an allergy comes).  They are sort of "our thing."  At this point they are more for the guests who expect  to find them sitting there than they are for us.

Since everything was planned with me in mind, it just works for me! I still love it, even though if I were doing it today, it would be white with a gray backsplash and bronze wherever you see that brushed nickel!  I try to keep the counters pretty clear with an appliance garage, but somethings you just need everyday!You know, toasters, coffee pots, a wee-bit of fridge clutter, and a behavior chart (just keeping it real).....
Our kitchen table is nearby and usually has fresh flowers from something or other.  These flowers are courtesy of my girls' dance recital this weekend!
I just got the Arhaus Chairs this Spring and moved the rug in from another area. I plan to update the Room and Board Table with a new wood or zinc top soon.

That's really the whole kitchen tour--thanks for stopping by!


Liz F. said...

What a gorgeous and inviting kitchen! I would love to perch on one of your bar stools and enjoy a handful of nuts :) Liz @

Jenny said...

Your kitchen is beautiful.

Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

I can see why you still love it - it's gorgeous! I still love my kitchen after almost 14-years, but there are some changes I'd like to make.

Debbie said...

You have a beautiful kitchen.

Essie Reed said...

Wow, what a stunning kitchen. As soon as I stumbled across this, I immediately showed my husband and it blew him away. It may be eight years after your dream kitchen, but it still looks like a dream kitchen to me. My favorite aspect is the way you installed the stove top; it's incredibly unique.