Saturday, May 21, 2016

Quick Gift

Yesterday was the kids official last day and it was utter "MAYhem" the last month.  

Here is my rant: The last week of school is a super hectic time for moms (and, like, one dad) whether they work or stay home (or work an outside job but seem like they stay at home). There is an ever-increasing list of things to do before life is totally turned upside down on Friday afternoon. I am not sure why this is also the time that there are 17 mandatory engagements at the school or why this is the week that every important cause needs to hold an event. Yes, I know these are choices, but not really..... I have taken the bar exam, worked full-time and had two babies--all pieces of cake compared to this week! Before you assume someone is totally free and available because they "stay home," consider the value of their time. 

Okay, back to my regularly scheduled fluff!  For the last day , between (no-joke) four other school events, I threw together these cute lemonade themed gifts for the teacher:  Who doesn't love an acrylic drink dispenser on their patio??  I filled them with stripey straws and jalapeno lemonade mix.  To complete the Tex-Mex theme, I added Patron Gold and a small bottle of Tito's.

While I had the supplies out, I also left  a special note and some candies in the girls' lunches.  I won't miss packing lunches for 12 weeks!!!!

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Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

We've got another month of school - and then my son will be home for the first time since he's 8 -- no more sleepaway camp! That's when my chaos will really start! Cute teacher gifts! I bet they loved them!