Friday, May 20, 2016

Why I love my community: Flowers, Favors, and Friendship

Where we live is the butt of some jokes on all ends of the spectrum--too nice, not nice enough--we can't win.  On a the sarcastic "judgmental map" of our city, we live right in between "Snobs," "Snobby Jews," and "Some Black people" (these were the words on the map, not mine).  The really fancy and less diverse area is a little south of us; its residents think that we are leeches on their good school system.  We have also been accused of being cliquish in general . How can we be cliquish snobs and leaches at the same time??!!

I prefer to look at it as that we live in a nice area of town that happens to have great diversity.   I say we are just a community of people who take care of one another.   If you get cancer or have a car accident, the community wraps you in love for months. If you have a baby, home-made meals arrive by the truckloads!  The same is true of life's celebrations.  We all pitch in and help out.  We are the recipients and givers of favors and kindness.  The giving feels even better than the receiving! Here are two sweet favors that I got to pull off recently:
A friend of mine is giving a graduation party for her daughter and 3 friends this weekend.  To add some collegiate flair to the celebration, she is going to have giant balloons with each of the girl's future college logos.  I used my cutting machine to make these logos (plus ones for two other U's).  So adorable!

Also on the cutting machine, I embellished some vases last week.  I later filled them with flowers for a friend whose daughter's bat mitzvah was last weekend.  She needed a few arrangements for their family's Friday Night dinner and then for Sunday's farewell brunch.  Aren't they sweet?

These are just a few of the kinds of things we all do for one another and I receive the kindness back ten-fold.  Sound like a horrible place to live, right???

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Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

Sounds pretty wonderful to me! You are one creative, talented lady! The flower arrangements are awesome!