Thursday, May 19, 2016

Scenes from Teacher Appreciation Week

This was my second year co-chairing teacher appreciation at the baby's school.  If you read this blog much, you know that we are responsible for things all year-round, but our biggest task is National Teacher Appreciation Week.  Monday morning found me loading the car with these goodies:

 Several generous moms met me and my co-chairs in the teachers lounge to set up a Palm Beach inspired brunch.

In hindsight, we should have done a backdrop with Lily-fabric, but some kids made cute posters for us!

Tuesday was the actual national day of celebration so we had  "special delivery" notes of appreciation.  We even had a cute post-mark (which I can't show for privacy reason).

Wednesday, we had a Pie Bar--who doesn't like pie???

I should crop this to show you how precious it was in person, but I am so lazy right now!

Thursday, Cinco de Mayo, was our luncheon .  As we had done in previous years, we had to go Mexican!

Friday was the Grandest Finale of All: The Gift Card Game! Our cute 3rd graders walked around to teachers and staff with a precious poster board filled with gift cards with denominations ranging from $5 to $100 dollars. The idea was that it was a total gamble how much you got or where it was to:

Of course, most people got $5 or $10, but a precious first year teacher got 100 to Gap/Banana/Old Navy and above is a pic of our favorite vegetarian getting $50 to Ruth's Chris.  See,its all a gamble??!

It is not hard to want to celebrate these teachers because they do so much above and beyond for our kids.  I hope that your teachers are as great and that   you get the chance to tell them so!  If you are a mom too, you will know this phase of little kids is so short: you might as well celebrate everything!

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