Thursday, April 14, 2016

Rock On (The never-ending saga)

Remember when I wanted to get two pieces of marble art like this one Grandin Road?

They were perfect, but I needed two of needed the more expensive 48" ones!  You may remember that my husband likes "real" art, whereas I like to get stuff that matches the decor.  We both actually liked these but not the $510 price tag for the gold framed-pair.

Well, the HomeGoods-Powers-that-be smiled on me once again.  I found this exact thing in 39" for a cool $100, but, alas, only one.  I couldn't buy a mate on Grandin because they sell a smaller one and a larger one but not the medium size.  I started scouring every Home Goods in our area for the mate--I even drove to an out of state (but close by-ish) location.   I didn't find the mate, but bought several things that were close-enough until finally my dining room started to look like the HomeGoods or Tuesday Morning art department.  Forgive the blurry pics, but here were some choices: 
 Some were brightly colored while others were more like muted waves.
 Others were the exact same picture but sans gold speckles or frames:

Finally, I conceded it wasn't going to happen.  In a last ditch effort, I decided to using Google Reverse Image Search to see if a 39" Gold framed piece was out there.  If you aren't familiar with this feature--you actually upload an image and google will find the image on the web.  I have saved lots of money by price comparison this way.   

Low and behold, Lamps Plus had the medium sized piece at a medium sized price with gold speckles and all.  I was all set to order just one from them to be the mate to my Homegoods Find, but I noticed the frame was silver.  I thought about buying one and painting one or both, but decided just to buy a pair from Lamps Plus. I returned the rest.

The lamps Plus packages arrived quickly and the pieces are absolutely beautiful!  The packaging was perfect and they arrived in fantastic shape.  We unpacked them and threw away the box.  Three days later, we got out our ooks and hung them.  We gazed upon them lovingly--they are really dreamy!

Then a half an hour later, we heard the crash.

In some sort of  weird accident, the actual hook on the frame fell out, sending the frame crashing down.   With only a short while until guests were set to arrive, I did a quick repair on two of the four corners, but it is clear that the frame is forever ruined.   

I spoke to the most helpful and polite customer service rep and she is helping me through this process. I am not sure of the outcome yet, but my experience with her alone is very positive that I think it will work out favorably!  I still love the image.   Until then, the saga continues.....


Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

Oh my gosh - I can't believe it fell! The pieces are stunning! I hope that the company comes through for you.

Our Life at 31-derful! said...

I think they will come through. Ironically if it falls through, in a complete 180, my husband wants to commission a piece from a local artist (then I will feel really foolish for spending all that time to save a few hundred bucks)!