Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Put it in your pocket

I am swamped getting ready for my 40 guests for Passover dinner Friday night!  One of the things I crossed off my list yesterday was preparing the place cards and napkins. I wanted a cute way to display my DIY Haggadah (prayer book for the Seder), so I went to a pocket fold.  Pocket-folded napkins are a great way to show off programs and menus and are super simple to do! Since most people only see these at weddings and events, it is a fun way to elevate a home celebration!
First lay your napkin flat on a surface with the "good" side up.
Don't worry too much about seams as you can smooth them out as you go.  I got my napkins 5/$2.50 from Smarty Had a Party years ago.  Next, place your program or book/menu in the very center and fold the bottom up about half-way over your object:
Then, fold the bottom of the napkin up again to meet your top fold like so:
Now is the tricky-ish part.  Flip the whole thing over and fold one side to the center:
When you fold the second side in, you want to tuck it into the flap created by the first side:
And voila!  Pocket-folded napkins!
Fun, huh?  Whatever you celebrate, celebrate it beautifully!

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Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

Hope you had a happy Passover! The napkin fold is a fun tip!