Friday, February 12, 2016

Warm Up with Hot Cocoa

I always forget to take pictures. Always. Just last week, I forgot to capture my Super Bowl Buffet, which was super cute. I wonder how other bloggers manage to not only take pictures, but go so far as to set up vignettes in improbable places. Did you really just happen to take that couch into the woods?!!

Well, my forgetfulness and good fortune finally collided yesterday! The teacher appreciation committee, which I co-chair, hosted a hot chocolate bar yesterday to show the teachers how much we love them for Valentine's Day. Here was the flyer:

Of course, I forgot my camera and even my phone. It was hard getting out the door with 50 cups of hot chocolate by 7:30! Anyhoo...after the whole thing was over, I was wheeling the cart back home. We live close to the school. The cart looked so sweet in the snow that I grabbed my phone and snapped a few quick pics. Yes, I really did just happen to have that cart out in the snow!

This was after the precious valentines mugs (which were the gift to the teachers) were all gone. Still, you can see how charming it was:

We had oodles of good toppings:

They were all open when we served, of course, but I had sealed them up before the journey home. I should have uncapped them all for the photos, but by this time I was cold!

I can't claim responsibility for the best part, which were the hanging heart cookies that adorned each mug. Those bragging rights go to our newest co-chair, who you may recall entered our little group in a bizarre series of miscommunications. Oh BOY am I happy that she barged her way in :)!! Can you believe these????? I die.

Finally, I have one picture which was sent to me from the school. It is of the kids serving a beloved teacher at the cart. She isn't even our teacher, but is so kind and caring that she knows my kids. That is sort of the point. These teachers all know all 350 kids by name and even by character. They give their all to our kids and that is why we want to show our appreciation!


Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

That is adorable! A great gesture for the teachers, which I am sure they appreciated. Glad you got your photo op! And, why oh why, did I think you lived in Florida? I guess not, with all that snow!

Our Life at 31-derful! said...

It was probably because I said we had 60 degree temperatures until January that you though I lived in FL. I am in ST. Louis--where dustings like this should be common from December-February!

Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

Glad to see that you linked up at Best of the Weekend!