Friday, February 5, 2016

Science Fair Projects, Valentine's, and Peyton's Last Rodeo Oh MY!

Last night was the Daddy-Daughter Dance around these parts, today is Mr 31-derful's birthday, and we are about to embark on a busy weekend. Our days are going to be filled with science projects for both girls, Valentine crafting, and Peyton's last Rodeo, oh my! For many years we have spent the super bowl with another family with little girls. They don't care so much about the game and I don't go all out, BUT I have to add some Peyton's-Last-Rodeo Flair!

Here are some scenes from my phone getting ready for it all!

Peyton Pops are chilling in the freezer along with a matching cake. I have been busy styling a PVC field goal into a "last rodeo" centerpiece, and I found the cutest quatrefoil and chevron paper products at Ikea in blue and orange. Aren't they presh???

This is our menu:
Do you think we will have enough junk??? HA!

The girls and I laid out their valentines on the computer. It was super easy because A is using big sis' design from last year. Since N is at a new school this year we were able to cheat and just modify her card from last year. The whole thing took three minutes, and I sent them out to print (I learned all too well that the blackboard background sucks all our ink dry). N's will be adorned with a light up ring and A's will get a sweet little heart pencil sharpener.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't excited about the science projects--these are good ones! What are you up to this weekend??

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