Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A fun morning, what I forgot at the dollar store and a free printable!

This morning we celebrated Groundhog's Day with pancakes, yummy treats to share with our favorite teachers, and (of course) by packing a groundhog themed lunch!

After breakfast, it was off to school for the kids and off to the dollar store for me. I live around the corner from a Party City and I adore smartyhadaparty.com for upscale disposables, but the dollar store can't be beat for cheap paper products! Today I needed to get mugs for an upcoming Cocoa Cart we are doing for the teachers, plates and napkins for the "baby's" 3rd grade party, and some Valentine's Day supplies both girls needed for their cards.

I was so focused Valentine's Day that I forgot to think about what I actually needed later in the week, let alone later in the month. I walked right out of there before I remembered that I am having another family over for the Super Bowl on Sunday. I could have bought some cheap Broncos colored plates (remember, it is the Peyton Bowl to me). It actually turns out I have several events coming up in the next two months that will each having me running to the dollar store, the craft store, and the grocery. I don't want to make a separate run to each place for each of them. I decided that I am going to shop once (for supplies and nonperishable items), condense my crafting to one work day for all the parties, and generally work ahead in an organized fashion! In order to plan ahead, I made a little chart for myself.

I am going to fill it out and give it ago. If you have multiple events on the horizon and want to simplify your planning, you can find the chart here

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