Monday, October 3, 2016

Sweet Like Apples and Honey

We have been celebrating Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish New Year last night and today.  Since I was celebrating my new year and new decade last week, I almost forgot to get ready for the holiday (which is bad because 16 people were coming to dinner).  
 I scrambled Sunday morning and pulled together a rather nice tablescape and yummy dinner, in my humble opinion.  I would normally buy flowers and agonize over arranging them.  With the "short-notice" though I was left to use what I had.  Fortunately, I had been sent some lovely lilies for my birthday that had a little life left in them by Sunday!  I also had a bag of apples, which are a symbolic food for Rosh HaShanah in hopes that your new year should be as sweet as apples dipped in honey.  Not bad for 5 day old flowers and five minutes! 
 I took it one step further and made three apples into candleholders  (that took about one minute using a melon baller).  
It almost makes me wonder why I fret over these details all the other times when I plan in advance. almost!  Whether you are celebrating a holiday or just that it is Monday--Celebrate Everything!

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