Thursday, October 13, 2016

Two of my all time most popular posts are fresh Italian Spinach and Zucchini noodles straight from my garden.   If you came for either of those, please look away now!  This post is brought to you by the 1970's, may grandmother, and processed food....  

Someone gave my grandmother this recipe.  I am guessing it was probably from a 1970's Kraft ad, as it relies heavily on packaged ingredients from the food-giant.   She only made it seldomly, because fresh-from-the-garden foods were her mainstay.  I loved the this dish upon first bite, however, and it became my potluck go-tos in my 20's.  It is truly so elegant looking that nobody would guess its dubious ingredients.  I included it in this post  about homey, hearty appetizers that are great for casual entertaining.   For a long time, I would not even give out the recipe for fear nobody would eat it again.  Eventually, word did get out.  To my surprise,rather than shunning the dish, it has become a "cult classic" among my friends.  It is bad and cheesy, but they love it anyway.  About once a year someone will request that I bring it to their home.

Here is what it calls for recipe:
Soft White Bread, 1 jar Kraft Olde English Cheese, 1 egg, 1 package cream cheese, 1 bunch thin-ish asparagus, and a stick of butter 

First, wash, trim and roast or blanch your asparagus .  Set aside.

Next, remove the crusts of the white bread.  Don’t try and cheat and buy the pre-crustless, it is too dry. Fancy bread won't work, and don't even think about whole wheat.  Once the crust is gone, flatten the bread completely with rolling pin or glass—really mush it.  
Meanwhile mix together the egg, cream cheese, and Olde English.  I find it really helps if the items are at room temperature.

See the cheesey goodness?

Finally, melt your butter in a shallow bowl or dish--the flatter the better (please forgive the crumbs here, I forgot to photograph before I started):

Set up an assembly line—bread, spread, asparagus, butter and your cookie sheet. 

Spread about one tablespoon of spread on bread:

Put the asparagus at the end and roll up—roll it in the butter and place seam-side down on a cookie sheet. Repeat until all remaining slices are on sheet. 

At this point either cover with a damp paper towel and cover with saran and refrigerate until ready to cook or cook at 375 until golden and puffed. They will eventually look like this:

Never tell your guests how you made this uber-gourmet looking dish:

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