Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Guess Who's Back?

The ORIGINAL Mensch on the Mantle is Back! As always, mensches are neither magical nor mythical creatures. The only "magic" of a mensch is that all of us have the innate power to do good! To that end, the mensch teaches a lesson in kindness, righteousness, and loving acts each day. Since our mensch is Jewish, honoring Jewish traditions is a part of his message (but anyone can be a mensch regardless of their religious beliefs).
Today's teaching is that mensches keep traditions alive. My sweet girls awoke to find the mensch already hard at work setting up our Hanukkah Houses, a traditional favorite at 31-derful. They will have the opportunity to decorate them later today. Future lessons will include giving to charity, being grateful, visiting family, taking responsibility and care of yourself, and respecting other's time. It is going to be a fun and informative week as we celebrate Hanukkah!

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