Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mensches give Tzedakah

Today, the girlies found Mr. Mensch tangled up in wrapping paper and ribbon. He must have been wrapping gifts when he got stuck! My girls knew that the gifts were not for them,but rather that they are for a child in need. Today's sign read, "Mensches give Tzedakah." Tzedakah is a Hebrew word meaning justice or righteousness, but it often is used to describe to act of giving to charity. I am no rabbinic scholar (obvi. from this blog!), but I think it means that justice is served when we equal the playing field by sharing with those who have less. My husband and I really strive to do that all year round here through charitable donations and service on not-for-profit boards, but for the kids giving holiday gifts to a needy child is a great time to see tzedakah in action in a way that relates to their own experience. Tonight we will forgo gifts from us to the girls. They instead will have the best gift of all--the satisfaction that they helped another child.

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