Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A little more of the way it was....

I am so happy to link up with Kelly's Korner for her home tour this week!!! Our house was brand new when she did the first SUYL, but I never participated because I was busy being a momma to little ones.  I sure did love it though and am so glad she brought it back! The house was perfect for 2008 (ha! in my humble opinion).  Lately, I have been mixing it up to bring it into 2016

The sitting area of "Our Room" (the one room we do most of our living) is the place that has undergone the most transformation already. In the beginning, I had an almost monochromatic painting above the fireplace, a beige rug, a stainless steel and glass table between the two chairs, and a dark wood end table that now resides in Mr. 31-derful's study/office. It was generally much more clean-lined than it is today. Over the past several years, I have been adding gold accents and more pattern to soften the space.

I love my built-in's. We created a space for a television and electronics on one side of the fireplace, while we left the other open so that one day it may house an upright piano. For the last eight years, it has been a little art-nook and buffet. It is perfect for placing appetizers or overflow bar supplies (the bar is just to the left). Those cheap little footstools under the console table were purchased long ago but have stood up so well and are still so useful for extra seating. See that sweet little mantle clock? It is from my grandparents' house. My mom tried to set it once and I nearly slapped her hand away because I want to to stay just how they left it. The lower painting was picked up by my in-laws in Greece as a house-warming gift for Mr. 31-derful when he bought his bachelor pad. They also gave us the signed, numbered Trova print above. We have been so lucky that they love art and are generous! I still swoon for the art lights!

I have a little funny story. You may notice that there are framed beach pictures in some of the frames above while some are empty. The pictures were my favorite family photos ever and then recreated them once the girls were older--Only I never printed the newer ones from the second photo session! It has been two years--but it will be accomplished in 2016!

Here is a shoot looking out towards the kitchen:

And one from the bar looking out toward the dinning room and entrance:

The room has a few more changes in store in the coming months. Eventually, I would like different couch and maybe to give those footstools a furry, modern makeover! What I am currently looking for, however, is a different coffee table to replace the black leather ottoman.


Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

Loving the feel of this room! So funny about the frames - I can see myself doing that!

angie said...

Love your living room! and those chartreuse chairs...swoon!!!

Debbie said...

Very pretty!