Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A busy week and Tu B'Shevat

It feels like we have a short school week every week lately. Obviously, yesterday's holiday was not a day off, but a "day on". Accordingly, we spent our morning doing community service before settling in by the fire on the frigid cold day. Now I have to scramble to get everything I normally do in five days in four. On this week's schedule are two super fun projects. As a gift to a very special bat mitzvah girl, some friends and I are making centerpieces for her kiddush luncheon. The nighttime event has real vendors and professional decor, but we are helping make the tables extra sweet with some flowers I purchased online. I will document that process and give you a review on Friday. I also have to scramble and pull together my Tu B'Shevat seder because we will be busy with the bat mitzvah all day Saturday. Here are some ideas that I am pondering: Of course, I will recreate my own lazy susan of the required fruits and nuts:

Because of all the eating we are doing during the seder, I was thinking of keeping super simple, maybe salad and soup with this Challah:

This image is NOT my own--you can find the image and instructions here!

We are going to plant parsley for Passover and then I am going to trick the kids that we have one more thing to plant and pull out a dirt cake. Remember those?? You can find the recipe any old place, but I really like the look of the ones from Martha Stewart here.

Hi ho, hi ho, its off to work I go.....

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