Wednesday, January 6, 2016

About Time....

One of my best attributes has always been my memory including the ability to recall dates and appointments without relying on a calendar. When I first began working we were required to use Palm Pilots. Even though I have been “digitally calendaring” since the dark ages and have always kept a big paper calendar for the family, I rarely had to check either. A funny thing started to happen three years ago. Even though I could remember that I had a doctor’s appointment on July 12th at 2:15, I sometimes would forget that we go to dance every Tuesday (for the last five years). Did I mention that I turn 40 in this year’s calendar??!

I went to a simple paper planner. I have preferred using that to my old digital methods because I can see everything laid out at once! Can you tell our life moves at a fast pace??

I also like the idea of the cute little day runners and notes sections that come in paper planners. Unfortunately, I rarely use these because they aren’t that well-suited to me. Why do these things always assume that your shopping list is only three items long and that you need to plan in ten minute increments? Personally, I am going to be in the store for an hour to buy 76 items!

This year, I have decided to make my own planner with just what I want. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I started with Google Calendar. It’s the best of both worlds! With the app, I have most of my information going to my phone and I have a working hard copy.

You can print Google calendar out in several different formats including my personal favorite “month view”? I could theoretically add day views later during a hectic time. I was able to set up my known recurring dates before I printed, which meant that I didn’t have to write “dance” on 52 Tuesdays! It is also much neater than my chicken scratch, and I like that I have the ability to add my own notes and lists on paper as I see fit (or not). I printed them out and sliced them.

I was going to place them, but then I realized that I didn't want the holes in the dates themselves. So, I mounted them to these precious scrapbook papers before punching the holes!

And you know I had to monogram it! I grabbed this cute small three ring binder at Target (there are some with calendars, but other great ones in the dollar spot).

I love that this was so inexpensive and is exactly what I need with nothing that I don't want!!!

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