Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How Paying A Stylist Actually Saved Me Money

If you have been following along this week here, you know that I recently worked with a stylist and closet consultant, Paula Collins. I keep saying it has saved me money. I know that seems impossible because having a professional come to your house to go through your closet is a luxury. The truth is, while the experience is luxurious, it isn't that expensive (my session was under $100 and that was a long one). Here is a true story of a time I spent only $25 dollars with Paula and it saved me money and sanity.

Picture it, Sicily 1925 (don't really; it was St. Louis in early February). My fourth grader was having a rough morning trying to figure out what to wear. We didn't really buy many new clothes this year because her clothing from last year still fit (she got a very few things for back-to-school and the holidays). By this point, she was tired of everything she owned and the seemingly endless winter weather. She is the youngest and smallest in her grade, but doesn't want to look like a baby. All of this combined for the perfect storm one February morning, when I found her in tears on her closet floor with clothes thrown askew all around her. I get it. Oh, boy do I get it. But when I tried to make some suggestions, she said she needed all new clothes! She was defensive and sad, and I had a glimpse into our teenage years (what was happening to my sweet girl?). We were at an impasse--I would not buy any new clothes for the remaining six weeks of winter. So I called Paula and she came over for a short session. For $25 we got an organized closet all these "new" outfits from just a few pieces we owned:

My daughter learned about layering through changing weather, utilizing existing pieces in new ways, pairing the same items to get different looks--in a nutshell, she got the Paula treatment. She was so proud of herself, and even made some more great combos herself. I did not buy a single new thing until it was actually warm out. I am happy to report my little bit finally made it to a size 8 shorts (with elastic tighteners) just before her tenth birthday. The BEST part was no more manic mornings or tears. And that, my friends, is why $25 saved money in clothing and my sanity!!!!

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