Monday, May 4, 2015

The Weekend in Pictures

I spent all of Friday morning getting ready for Teacher Appreciation week, before getting the girls for early release. We had to pick up a science fair project (big girl was a first place finisher in the school fair and third in the city-wide fair). Then we were back to school for the big girl's final elementary school picnic (sniff, sniff). Saturday was filled with a bat mitzvah workshop, where they told us the next three years were going to fly by! Saturday afternoon and night we were off to a Derby de Mayo 50th birthday (I am only 38 but I guess my friends are getting old) on a party bus. A. party. bus. I organized the group gift:

I scored the cute wooden crate at Micheal's. I thought it was just perfect for a bourbon-themed gift to give on Derby Day.

After a rough morning post-party-bus for me while Mr. 31-derful golfed, we were invited to a baby naming. A baby naming is the ceremony where a little girl is brought into the covenant of the Jewish people. I could not be more proud of the gift that I put together--its a year of personalized holiday outfits! This would work for any religion if you swapped out the holidays. I tried to go with designs that were evocative of the holiday but that she could wear all season.

Here is what the card said:

I am off to my final indoor tennis match and luncheon for indoor tennis. I'll be back this afternoon with my first teacher appreciation snack!

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