Monday, May 18, 2015

More Tips From My Afternoon with Paula Collins!

If you are just tuning in, please check out my closet make-over with closet consultant and style-guru Paula Collins here and definitely check out Paula's site here. Paula is a stylist for the everyday woman who helps real people look like a million bucks. She helps you make excellent ensembles out of your own clothes and organizes your closet so that you can "shop" your own closet for your best look! I can't say enough good things about working with Paula and how much money it saves you in buying items that you don't need. Of course, sometimes Paula will see a gap in yor wardrobe and make a purchase suggestion, but she also saves you money with tips like these:

1.) Preserve your boots (and your cash) by using rolled up magazines. Simply roll up the magazines and place them in the boots--they stand the boots up to avoid creasing and keep your pretties on display.

2.) Use Nail Polish on Patented Leather or Metallic Shoes. I used to think that a scuff meant the death of a metallic or patent leather shoe. Ala' Pretty Woman, I used a sharpie to touch up a spot on some patent leather sling-backs that were damaged after one wear. I guess I shouldn't have taken style tips from a 25 year old movie about a street walker, because it didn't work! Never fear, Paula had a tip that actually saved the shoe: a small dab of black nail polish matched the sheen of the shoe and saved it to walk the streets another day (to my respectable job as an attorney)! Similarly, Paula said that a magic eraser is a great save for white shoes like sneakers and deck shoes!

3. Show your jewelry off: If you can't see it, you won't wear it! My good stuff is stored for safe keeping, but my fun stuff is out where I can see it. Isn't it pretty?

4. Invest in the Basics, Save on the Trends! Paula has encouraged me over the years to keep a stock of basics, you know the pieces that should be in every woman's wardrobe. The flip side is to watch trends and be influenced by them, but not necessarily to splurge on something that might just last a season. As a part of her services she offers a style guide biannually to keep her clients current on both the basics and the trends. I keep it in my closet--you can also purchase it through her website!

5. Shop your wardrobe! I used to organize my clothing by color; it was pretty in the closet but not so functional. Paula has encouraged me over the years to organize my closet in sections that I can shop to make a complete outfit. Read much more in my original post about Paula!

Finally, this tip is just from little ole' me: keep a few photographs of yourself to remind you that you are gorgeous no matter what you wear. I have one from Mr. 31-derful and me taken in the dating days, my bridal party, my beautiful besties at another wedding, and our family the day baby was born and we became a foursome (its not pictured because its on the other side of these pics). I love seeing all of these in my closet!

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