Thursday, May 7, 2015

Oops I did it again! & Bon Fires and Books...

I forgot to take pictures of the last two days of treats for the teachers. Wednesday we made goody bags of homemade cookies and bars baked by parents. Attached the bags were gift cards in little envelopes in amounts varying from $5-$50. As each teacher picked his or her bag, they took a gamble on what they would get. It was so fun, and they really got into it. Its a keeper for sure!

Today, the teachers were treated to the sweetest homemade pie bar, which I also failed to photograph!

In between these sweets, my family squeezed in some sweets of our own with a Camp Fire in honor of Lag B' Omer (a minor, festive Jewish holiday). We dined on s'mores and played outside which was a great break.

I also got to work with my favorite fashionista on my closet this week--more to come.......

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