Friday, January 16, 2015

Friendly Friday

One of my goals this year is to reach out and make plans with friends more. I just want to connect with people rather than feeling isolated. Most people would laugh that I feel this way because we are part of a HUGE circle of extended friends; I am in a tennis group, a supper club, a Temple, a member of a social club, and I am on the PTO. But you can feel lonely in a crowd, and sometimes I have. So, I just made my plan yesterday to be with a friend. We went shopping. One of my other goals is saving, so I didn't buy much. I mostly just looked around. I bought $4 worth of Valentine's decor (no candy this year) and splurged on a bottle of avocado oil that took my roast veggies to the next level last night. I felt a wee bit guilty as I started my next shift (when the kids came home) and had done nothing towards making dinner or organizing. Laundry sat undone and the house suddenly looked cluttered, but I felt as if I had accomplished so much more.

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