Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Total Health Tuesday: Back in the Saddle

When I was younger and having a particularly thin moment, I took a few spin classes. This was 1999 and I think Spinning was a brand-new concept. I went to a studio where the equipment bore more resemblance to traditional bikes than the computerized bikes in studios today. To set the scene the owner would dim the lights, burn candles and incense, and spin Dave Mathews Band. All that, plus the sweating and up and down motion, reminded me of you-know-what (my serious college boyfriend was a big fan of DMB--sorry honey).

Fast forward 16 years: my husband spins all the time while I haven't done it in years, even though now it is ubiquitous. As a part of my total health initiative (and to support our school), I bought a spot in a spin class for a fundraiser at my kids school. The candles and incense have been replaced by carefully timed LED lights while spin bikes have evolved immensely. They are basically computers with tiny butt holders on which to sit. I was pretty bad at it, but made my way through the class and am even encouraged to do it again.

But the next day I was so sore. Not in my legs. Like, you know, in an area that once again made me think of you-know-what. I actually goggled the terms "spinning and crotch." You should do this. It is pretty hilarious, unless it happens to you, in which case it is considerably less funny.

Next time, I will take a gel seat and the padded pants, but I am up for it again!

PS--I still haven't had refined sugar or white flour. I am not sure what the benefits are but I thought I would give it a full month and then begin counting calories!

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