Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Workforce Wednesday: Why I am not going to be a stylist

Part of the process of deciding what I want to do for a career is sometimes ruling things out. One such thing was event styling. I could spend days writing about this subject as I am genuinely excited by it, but I won't (at least not today). Since I was a teen I was interested in executing events from exquisite invitation through a delicious meal right down to a clever favor that ties it all together. My mother actually encouraged me to go into culinary arts or hospitality, telling me that I would make a great television chef (which was not really a thing during my childhood except for Julia Childs and Graham Kerr). I thought I was too smart and besides who wanted to see a slightly chubby Jewish girl cooking and throwing parties for her friends? Well, actually apparently everybody (I love you Ina--you are my spirit animal)! Anywho...after become a social working lawyer, I always had this itch to try events. So I did, and I realized that I didn't love it. I didn't even like it. It took my passion and made it a job; a job with horrible pay and even worse hours (nights and weekends) no less. So, I am over it. But sometimes I can't help myself. I am not even being paid for this, but on Saturday I am pitching ideas for a Paris themed Bat Mitzvah. Ooh La La!

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