Thursday, January 15, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Sailing 1st Birthday from the Way, Way Back Machine

8.5 years ago, I planned my eldest daughter's 1st birthday party. At the time we owned a sailboat, and that theme seemed a natural fit for our littlest sailor. Though I was never a scrap-booker, I was really into making cards out of papers, stamps, and embellishments, which were all the rage at that time. I crafted cards with little sailboats made of several patterned papers all in the same hue of pink. The idea was to go Lilly-esque (this was before there were actually Lilly paper products). We invited guests to set sail on a dinner cruise with us! The RSVP line called for regrets only, saying, "landlubbers? call: xxx." Since then I have seen all manor of cute puns, but I tell ya'-- it was inspired in 2006. Signs matching the invites said "welcome aboard" (on the front door), "build a boat" (next to a wooden boat decorating station), and "regatta" (next to a baby pool where they were supposed to sail their boats). The boats were fun to decorate, but due to being the hottest late July ever, the kids never sailed them. They just stripped down and hit the pool instead! This was not intended at all, but it is my favorite memory of the day. I tried to keep this pics PG and not show any faces other than my own family. I made three huge BBQ briskets, corn pudding, dips, chips and salad. For dessert we had a chocolate fountain with all the trimmings. I know chocolate fountains are "over" now, but it wowed at that time. The cupcakes were adorned with sails made from the patterned paper, which was also used to craft napkin rings. Oh how I wish I could go back in time and photograph all those details and the hard work that went into them (though sadly I did not learn that lesson until years and years later). That's it for now--next week I will show the second little lady's first birthday!

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