Thursday, January 29, 2015

Throwback Thursday: I am turning One and my parents bought me a new house!

I am feeling great because my pictures are organized through 2008! Okay, that doesn't sound so great, but it is a massive improvement. In July of 2008 we celebrated the 1st birthday of the "baby." At the time she was an actual baby, so I guess I don't technically need to put that in "quotes." We moved into our new house exactly one month before the big day, so we figured that we would have a combined house warming and birthday party. I was getting a wee bit better about photographing event details, though still pretty bad at it at this point. We went with a preppy blue and green motif. The invitations had a sweet pic of A and a quote that said, "I am turning One, and my parents bought me a new house!" I included a pic of our house the day of the party for reference. It was too hot to landscape until the following fall, but I wanted you to see because the cake was made to resemble the house. Of course, she had her own smash cake too. Since it was an afternoon open house, we served a buffet of fruit with fruit dip, a cheese board, and crudites. I am not sure but we probably also had caprese skewers because I was really into those at the time! As you can see I have a pic of the buffet before it was fully set-up (nothing I can do now!). We also served punch that could be spiked or virgin and beer and wine. There were precious blue napkins with green writing with the address and blue ones with her name in green writing. Of course, no picture exists! On the way out the door there were brownies with a note that said, "it was sweet of you to come to my new home." Finally the best detail and show-stopper was that she stood up, took her first steps and walked around the room. She is an aspiring actress; I think it may work because her sense of timing is,and has always been, spot-on!!!

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