Thursday, January 22, 2015

Throwback Thursday: A Very Simple Swimming Soiree

Bless my heart. I am going through the digital chaos that is my family photos, and have discovered that things are way worse than I originally imagined. I have learned a valuable lesson about keeping everything streamlined, in chronological order, and in one place! I have also learned that I used to be horrible at photographing all the sweet details I put into my kids' birthday parties. Looking back, this party was a double whammy. Not only did I fail to photograph the party very well, there weren't that many good details in the first place. I had another baby two weeks before this party!

Before Baby #2 arrived, I sent invitations to the party to be held at a local swim and tennis center. The invitations were on my 2006 issued Mountain Cow Printing Press. I loved that program (still do). It took my hand-crafted cards to a new level. I was able to make polished "real" invitations without a trip to the service bureau. I keep saying this in the throwback series, but at the time that was a BIG deal. Etsy and Tiny Prints were not yet invented, so I thought I hit pay dirt!

I chose a simple pink and purple dot motif and carried that over to the matching cupcakes, napkins and favors which were the sweet swim rings with dots. We served a giant tray of fruit while the kids swam, and then we went inside for kids meals and a big salad for the parents. I think we played a party game and were home in time to nurse baby #2!

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