Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Basement Part 3

I am back with another post about our basement.

From this angle you can see that the dinning/game table is just to the left of the little seating area I showed you in the theater post here and that door leads to the WC, discussed here. We went back and forth about building out a full kitchen, partial kitchen, wet sink, or dry bar. As you can see we went with the dry bar option and added a beverage fridge, which is just right for soft drinks and a few adult beverages when we entertain. Since we do have a wet bar with wine fridge upstairs, this fridge is mostly PG (and honestly mostly empty)! The buffet is just big enough for a food display when we host a casual party down there.

This table was one of my first adult purchases. It was originally a light blonde wood. My husband knocked on this table (I guess to see if it was real) and complimented me on it when he dropped me home on our very first date. It since has been a desk and sustained a big scratch. After that it was red on top and I added the gray and beige chevron a few years back (now that the chevron fad is petering out, I may change it).

The casual table is paired with the most beautiful antique Hickory Chair chairs from Mr 31-derful's grandmother. They really match my dinning set, but in my opinion they are too ornate when they are together. I just love them juxtaposed with the casual table here, though, and I swoon over that curved nailhead.

I put that Ikea light fixture together myself for a steal and then splurged a bit on the small buffet, which was made by the Amish in nearby Southern Illinois. Here is a close up of the accent wall, which merges my two colors of gray and beige (you may recall most of my house is beige but I really wanted that gray look down here).

The floors are stained concrete. They were originally a laminate that was made to match the look of the real hardwood we have through the rest of the house. Long story, but sufficed to say that after a flood we needed a new more water-resistant choice. Though we worried they would be too cold and hard, I wish I had these floors from the beginning. We warm the space with throw rugs and I love the ease of cleaning.

The back wall of this dinning spot features two paintings that a friend and I did. Mine is a cotton boll--I would love to collect cotton paintings as a nod to my hometown in Memphis, but I haven't found any cotton art that resonates with me yet so I made my own.....

From here you can see a sneak peek into the basement seating area. I'll show that soon--y'all come back!

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