Saturday, April 25, 2015

Stop and make this Spinach

I now interupt my basement programming to bring you your dinner!

Here is a funny thing: I live in St Louis, which is famous for Italian food. We have an entire sector of our city devoted to it. None of these compare in my mind, however, to Pete and Sam's in Memphis, Tennessee.  They have great Italian food mixed with Memphis flare, including their world famous barbecue pizza. When I think of the one thing you should eat in my hometown, it isn't the ribs at the Rendezvous or the fried chicken at Gus'.  It isn't even that famous peanut butter, banana and bacon concoction.  It is the spinach at Pete and Sam's (aka the ultimate comfort food)!  Here is how you make it:

Take a large amount of evoo (two good turns of the pan). Add a large amount of fresh garlic and two bags of washed spinach. Cover it and let it wilt.  Crack three eggs inside:

Now turn it down nice and low and stir until those eggs look like a soft custard:

Add liberal amounts of parmesean cheese and stir.  Heat until melted.

Here is an official recipe using frozen spinach but I like the fresh.

Mine was a little egg-y this time. I should have used less egg to my spinach, but it was still awesome. Eat it hot with crusty Italian bread and maybe a side of pasta. Of course you could enjoy it for breakfast but I swear this is the stuff of dinners!

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