Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fun Throwback: Teacher's Birthday Ice Cream Party

After I failed to take a picture if the hen and chick cake, I wondered if I took one when big sis was in second grade. No such luck, but I found a sweet little classroom surprise from around the same time for her teacher's birthday. On the teacher preference form, which the PTO asks teachers to fill out at the beginning of the year, she said she loved spending time with her family, entertaining, and ICE CREAM. Another super important thing to know is that her classroom theme was owls and she loved to use owl puns for everything. We decided to put together an "owl" cream party in a box for her (all the goodies she need to throw an ice cream social for her family). And you know our little owls wanted in on the action, so the room moms also threw an owls cream social in the room too, which was a surprise for the teacher. Though technically not a room mom that year, I was in charge of the gift and making soda jerk hats for the surprise:

To make the soda jerk hats, simply cut strips of paper length-wise. I printed on mine first. Regular paper was barely long enough for little second grade heads, so use legal paper if you want these for big kids or adults:

Accordion fold a piece of tissue paper of the same length as your strips:

Now take your tissue and add double-sided tape to the sides and ends:

Affix the tisse to your strips. Now get a cute model and have her wear your hat:

Imagine a sea full of smiling second grade soda jerks surprising their teacher in these. It was presh!

Update- A's teacher snapped a pic of the cake and sent them as a thumbnail in her email about the study unit today. They were in a super cute coup we made from an amazon box, but we have no evidence of it! Anyhow, here are Mama Hen and her chicks:
I used instructions found on Better Homes and Gardens

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