Thursday, April 9, 2015

Uptown Acorn-ish Homegoods Happy

Several months back Amanda at Dixie Delights asked readers to post "their spot." I was so sad because, even though I have ample lovely seating, it made me realize I didn't even have a spot (other than perhaps the computer chair from which I write this post)! After looking at drooling over lots of chairs and side-tables, I decided to show a little love to a seating area I already had. One of the blogs that I have learned about through being a loyal Dixie Delights reader is Uptown Acorn (which I now also follow). I had been itching to incorporate some antlers into my life after being inspired by Uptown Acorn's beautiful moniker and decor.

At this point I should stop and tell you that, once upon a time, I loved gold, tassels,and artfully placed knick-knacks. In the early 2000's, I gave all that up for clean lines and all things silver-hued. All my lovelies went to Goodwill or family members who were then just setting up house. All my "good" stuff, wedding gifts and the pieces I invested in when we moved here, is modern and silver. Now that I want to bring some gold and brass back into my life, I can't break the bank switching everything. I have been slowly introducing little gems, while keeping the big pieces the same. To create a "spot," I thought I would find a small geometric gold table to1) replace a silver one I no longer cared for and 2) bridge my modern chairs with a little golden glam. On top, I would definitely put some small antlers and whatever else that caught my eye.

I have lots of friends who practice Yoga and set intentions for their practice. Well, I practice Homegoods. I go there often and I like to set an intention first. I believe that if I put it out there--the Homegoods Universe will give it back to me! So I chanted, "gold, geometric, antlers." Okay, I probably didn't actually chant, but this was right in the door when I arrived:

Wow--even better than I thought--geometrically placed antlers in a pretty golden glow. This freed me to add some other accessories for fun:

And they look sweetly balanced next to my clean-lined chairs:

Now I must admit, this is still not "my spot", but it is a spot I like more now. #thankshomegoodspowersthatbe #kidding,sortof!

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ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...
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Ron said...

Oh my!!!! I LOVE that table. I am sharing this post. Thanks too for the kind words.