Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Test Treats

Don't judge (seriously, Julie, if you are going to judge stop reading now)! I really try not to go over board. I do. I do, but sometimes I fail. Okay, I fail a lot! You don't even know how much I fail because I am so busy actually going overboard that I don't have time to write about all my overboard-goings. Take today, I didn't even take a picture of the precious hen and chick cake I felt compelled to make my kid's teacher. The eggs arrived for the lifecycle unit! The EGGS! That is like the super bowl of 2nd grade y'all.... but I did noticed I was the only one who acknowledged in cake. Okay, I have a problem. But just hear me out.

Last year, when the big girl was in 3rd grade, she was nervous about her first standardized tests. I learned that the school does some fun things to make the test week seem more approachable and that there are things called "test treats." I didn't make that up (google it)! You know I had to get in on that. So I made these for every kid in the class:
Above was the Friday before, and it read "see ya' Monday, Smartypants!" Then each day was a different treat:

Our standardized test is called the MAP.

Gotta' have your number 2's!

Did you know that gum is proven to help kids concentrate on tests? I didn't make that up; so they needed gum.

I actually intended to stop there, but a funny thing happened. The teacher thought I was providing snacks and publicly thanked me for it, so I sort of needed to do snacks also. I made these berry baskets with a note "you are doing berry well". Suddenly every parent wanted in! The great news was I didn't have to do the rest of the snacks (but I did help them with cute stickers: "don't go bananas, you are doing great!," "orange you glad its half way finished?," and "you are o-FISH-ally finished!" (goldfish).

It was fun and she aced the tests so this year I am not doing a thing!

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