Thursday, July 7, 2016

Pretty in Pink and a Jill and Jill Bathroom

Many thanks to Kelly's Korner for hosting the real house tour; I am having an absolute blast!

Yesterday I showed you a purple room fit for a tween, and now we are moving into little sister's pink palace.  Side note: the actual Pink Palace Museum was my all-time favorite field trip.  If you are in Memphis, you should go there!

You can enter Annabelle's room through the Sister Space Landing or through the Jill and Jill Bathroom, where the pink and purple meet.  The pink and purple rooms have grown nicely with the girls, but I am beginning to wonder if the stripes are a wee bit juvenile.

Here was Annabelle's  room when we first decorated it and here it is today:

Her nightstand is messy, but she makes her bed everyday so I don't complain too much! Notice the under the bed "storage!"

 Her never-ever used chair that I re-painted years ago and had recovered in zoocat fabric.

Here is her dresser.  It is not Ikea, even though it looks like it.  Rather, it is actually some 
dated-but-good modular furniture from my in-laws. 
 I do want to do a hack and add some gold and acrylic handles to bring it up to date! 
I am not going to lie--this is what it looks like when it is "clean" :)

Other than a sweet roll-top desk that is WAY too messy for the internet, that's all folks!  Thanks for stopping by!


Renae said...

Cute!! What color/ brand pink is that on the bedroom wall. I'm looking for a nice bright pink to go in my daughters room.

Elenie Counts said...

What fun spaces! Glad I found your blog via your comment. New follower!