Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Fit for a Tween!

In conjunction with Kelly's Korner, I have been taking you on a tour of our home.  I love this blog hop for the inspiration, but also for so much more.....Like our changing waistlines and hairdos, the way our rooms look in the different eras of our lives explains who were in that moment.  When I look back at my childhood photos and glimpse our 1970's striped couch, it evokes such a strong memory of home.  Then there is the shocking photo from the Halloween I dressed as Tabitha the blue nosed witch; my parents' now-beige home was an exact match for my blue nose!     No room in my house represents this moment in our lives more than our sweet, tween daughter's room.

When we moved to our house, top priority was given to Naomi's room. Annabelle was still a baby, but  Naomi was aware of transitioning to a new house and moving from a crib to a bed shortly thereafter.  I wanted to be just right.  At only 2, she decided to have a purple butterfly room, and then she held fast to the vision the entire year it took to build our house.    8 years later, the purple butterfly room is still going strong ..... only now it has subtly transitioned to a room fit for a tween! Gone is the rocker and in is a reading chair.  My clean, decorator vision has been replaced by her well-curated collection of her own

Please come in.  Here is the door right off Sister Space (read more about that here):
The bed was my mother's when she was a child, and was an antique even then.  It has been every color of the rainbow.  I had it painted white and distressed it when we moved here. 
The bedding is Pottery Barn Teen Circa 2008.

The desk and nightstand were mine in law school-- I had them painted and distressed to match the bed and added the sweet "crystal" knobs.  Here is the tween part--these days that little butterfly dish holds eyeglass wipes, contact solution and an i-phone!  That piece of paper in the background is a nightly prayer she wrote out in Hebrew and English.  It melts my mommy heart! 
Panning around the room is Naomi's reading chair and a poster that the Elementary School made when they named her a distinguished reader.  It is hard to believe she is off to middle school!

Panning even further around, you can see her desk, which will also double as a vanity in the future. Now it is home to her monogrammed laptop (oh where is the time going??).   She earned the Missouri state honor certificate and made the dancing in the rain art herself ! 

She let me leave the old dress-up hook, 
but now it holds a Kate Spade knock-off and a real-deal Vera Bradley.  

Every ballerina needs a bar and mirror to check our her style!

 Here is one last view of the room from the closet.  Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely room! I especially love your mother's antique bed.

Jenny said...

I love the white with the purple walls. And how special to use your Mother's antique bed.