Thursday, July 14, 2016

Step into my (husband's) Office

I'm once again linking up with Kelly's Korner and talking about real house.  This is about as real as it gets!  Our house stays pretty tidy, but the offices are always filled with projects and papers and, well, office stuff!  I am trying embrace that these things have their own sort of beauty!

This office was meant for Mr. 31derful (the rest of us have another work space).  If you have been reading here long, you will know that we are both lawyers.  Mr. 31derful occasionally has clients come by at night, and we needed a nice place to sign a last minute document away from the constant crafting!  We also need a place for him to put in late nights.   I wanted an old world law office feel,a and I think I accomplished it.  Fast forward 8 years and the guy didn't stand a chance.  The three ladies have taken control in here despite the best laid plans!

Anyhoo, the office is on the main floor and I love this view every morning.  I wish I could photograph how the light hits those vintage legal-satire prints.

I purchased the rug in Nepal while living there in grad school, the silk pillows were picked up in Thailand, the couch is from my husband's mentor's law office, and the map is of dear husband's 40th birthday sailing trip through the BVI.  There are so many memories in this one spot!
The natural light is so strong in this room that we almost never use the lights.  In person it is absolutely lovely, but this is what happens when you photograph the room:
In close ups, you can see more of the desk:
Please excuse the mess on the left--we work here :).   The idea is that two people can work together in this room by pulling up the leather chair,.  Mostly we just quibble over who gets the desk chair.  Everyone wants it at all times!

The center shelves are the one thing that have truly have remained Mr. 31derful's.  We have his own Tommy Tippy baby Cup baby along with mementos from his family.  There is a tin cup earned on the sailingboat that inspired his life-long love of sailing (the ship that launched a 1000 ships!).  Inuit artwork given to hubby from my uncle in Alaska and oodles of artwork from our girls round out the collection.

On the back wall we are lucky to have a signed Norman Rockwell lithograph that was gifted to us .  It actually served as the inspiration for this manly room that was taken over by a gaggle of girls! I guess I made this space a little too warm and comfortable!  

Thanks for visiting our "manly" office!

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