Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Sister Space!

Kelly's Korner (a blog that I have been reading for almost 8 years) is hosting a real house tour and I am playing along!  Today is all about kids' rooms.  The two doorways that you see lead to my kids' rooms and this is their Sister Space!  When you approach the top of the stairs, you have clearly entered their zone.
 A painting of two sweet sisters welcomes you at the top of the stairs!
 If you turn to the right you will see the girls sitting area.
The collage is made up of things that are special to each girl.  Each of them got a lovely at birth.  Naomi's was an elephant while Annabelle's was a hippo.  These have remained their "assigned" animals their whole lives--when I saw the ceramic animals heads, I knew they had to be ours.  There are fun quotes that mean something to each girl near her room,and then there  are Mickey Mouse heads that we each drew on a trip to the Disney Animation Studio.
Turning further to the right, you can see our book nook.  We love reading and move books down to the basement about once a year.  What is up here now are lots of mid-level chapter books that Naomi has already read, but wants to read again or that Annabelle hasn't gotten to yet.  
We finally wise up and started sending Naomi to the library for her voracious appetite for books; it was just getting too expensive!  You will notice that we still have a lot of picture books on our shelves too.  I know some people pride themselves on only reading chapter books after a certain age.  Our kids are both serious readers, but there is just still something about reading a good picture book together  at bedtime.  Some are actually quite challenging.  Some are downright funny to me at almost 40 and all of the ones still on our shelves have special meaning to us.    

You will notice we also have a little stand with some of our favorite literary characters hanging around.  To be fair, we are probably past using these and I could use the shelf space.  Somethings are just hard for the mom.....
Here is one more shot looking towards the stairs.  That is the guest room on the right, so most of the time the sisters rule the roost up here.  This area is the scene of lots of cartwheel practice and board games and I hope it stays that way a long, long time!

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